Resident’s Friends

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Annual Fund
Annual Fund $100 - $249
Annual Fund $25 - $49
Annual Fund $250 - $499
Annual Fund $5 - $24
Annual Fund $50 - $99
Circle of Friends
COF Chairman's $10,000
COF Founders $25,000+
COF Friends $500 - $999
COF Leadership $5000
COF Presidents $2500
COF Residents $1k - $2499
Corporate & Foundation
$2,499 - $1,000
$24,999 - $10,000
$249,000 - $100,000
$4,999 - $2,500
$49,999 - $25,000
$499,999 - $250,000
$9,999 - $5,000
$99,999 - $50,000
Under $1,000

Residents’ Friends: $1,000 – $2,499

Adrien Brody
Alvin Sargent
Andrea and Ron Hein
Angela and Brian Marler
Angie Jaree Kreiling
Angie K. Luckey
Anne Mosell
Anthony Makris
Arnie and Carol Shupack
Beverly and Carl Rock
Beverly and Curt Bourland
Bob Yerkes
Brent Thomas
Brian Duffy
Bruce Knechtges
Buck Henry Charitable Fund
Carol A. Lombardini and William L. Cole
Caroline and Robert McRoy
Cassie Fink and Matt Biederman
Cathy Repola
Charles and Sandra Winkler
Chris and Alexandra DeFaria
Chris Lloyd and Arleen F. Sorkin
Christopher Pawlak
Claire Best
Cynthia Blees Klustner
Cynthia Sikes Yorkin
Dan Abrams
Daniel Cohen
Darryl Ponicsan
David and Kathryn Menteer
David Jarrell
David M. Bassett
David White
Dean Butler and Katherine Cannon Butler
Deborah and David Trainer
Debra I. Moore
Dee and Rick Carduner
Dee Somers
Diana Dreiman and Stephen Gilula
Diana S. Blankenship
Doris Day
Doug Corbin
Douglas B. Soesbe
Dr. Timothy M. Lefevre
Ed and Murphy Romano
Edward F. Carri
Ellia M. English
Eugene and Regina Brice
Eva Charney & Marsha Clark, and Joey & Anthony Rich
Eva Marie Saint
Frank and Lynn Ruger
G. Bryan Unger
Gil Birmingham
Gloria and Carmine Palazzo
Hal and Joy Rattray
Harriet Alef
Heiko Von Drengenberg
Helen and Peter Mark Richman
Jack Schwartzman Family Foundation
Jaclyn B. Rosenberg
Jacqueline Simkin
James D. Smith
James H. Spencer
James Lundin
James Mathers
Jamie and Joy Farr
Janice Jorden and Burt Metcalf
Jeffrey T. Spellman
Jennifer Valentine Sperber and Mikko D. Sperber
Jill A. Stirdivant
Jim and Lisa Watters
Joe Matza
Julie and Dick May
Kary and Karen Antholis
Kathy Virkler
Ken and Lori Goldman
Kevin Volchok
Kit Boss and Rosemary Smith
Laurie E. Groh
Leah Bishop and Gary Yale
Lee E. Rosenthal
Leonicio F. Ortiz-Gil
Lewis Greenwood Foundation
Linda A. Matthews
Linda G. Thieben
Lorraine and Steven Spira
Lydia Telo
Lynne Littman
Marion and Diane Rothman
Mark Phipps Rasmussen
Mark Pinkerton
Mark Redhead
Martha N. Wasserman
Mary C. Lane
Mary Ellin Barrett
Mary Quen Singer
Mary S. Ledding
Matthew D. Loeb
Melinda Arnold
Melinda Ritz
Melisa Baratta Roberts and Hugh B. Roberts
Melody M. Sherwood
Michael and Joyce Vasquez
Michael and Mary O’Neill
Michael F. Miller, Jr.
Milinda McNeely and Stephen H. Plum
Misha Vayro
Missy Muldoon
Monica and Sterling Macer
Nancy and Robert Englund
Nicole and Andy Gumpert
Patricia Gonzalez
Peter and Lisa Block
Peter K. Mahoney
Peter P. Marley
Rabbi Arthur and Catherine Rosenberg
Richard Kahn
Richard R. Teasley
Rick A. Ludwin
Robert Redford
Robert WM. Wheeler
Rodd Perry
Sandy and Allison Fields
Sara Fischer
Shane R. Nickerson
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, LLP
Stephen and Natasha Prime
Stephen Nathan
Steven N. Bersch
Sue Cabral-Ebert
Sue Fleishman
Sue J. Kroll
Susan and Peter Hodgson
Thaine and Elizabeth Morris
The George Lucas Family Foundation
Vadja Potenza
William and Denice Hoy
William D. Bernstein
Yvonne Corbeil and Ira Byock


*We acknowledge with gratitude donors who wish to remain anonymous.

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