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Healthcare Eligibility

People with eligibility to use MPTF Health Centers, operated by UCLA Health, and all services listed on the healthcare section of our website include: employees and retirees of companies involved in production and distribution (such as theatrical/motion pictures and television programming; studio-owned recording; radio broadcasting; studio theme park industries; and members of entertainment unions and guilds) and people working for associated businesses (such as guilds and unions and their affiliated health plans; entertainment magazines; independent productions; talent agencies; public relations agencies; and entertainment personnel for freelance projects who have proof of employment).

Additionally, healthcare eligibility includes spouses and same-sex life partners, widows, children 13 and older, and parents or parents-in-law of eligible participants, listed above. A range of insurance plans is accepted, including Medicare and Medicare Advantage HMO plans.

In order to ensure continuity of care UCLA Health and MPTF recognize a three-year eligibility period. This means that individuals who receive services at UCLA / MPTF Health Centers will automatically remain eligible for such services for a three-year period. Patients who no longer meet eligibility requirements as described above and have not received services at the health centers for more than three years will have to re-qualify in order to receive services.

Eligibility will be checked and confirmed at the time an appointment is made with an individual health center. A complete list of Health Centers is listed at

Behavioral Health Eligibility

Eligibility for The Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Center for Behavioral Health is restricted to adults over 55 years of age with acute mental health needs, including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia, and dementia.

The center is available to the community at large, as well as for the entertainment community, which is MPTF’s core constituency.

The center can accept voluntary patients who are able to consent to treatment, as well as involuntary admissions. All referrals are reviewed by the psychiatrist and accepted for the admission if the criteria are met. For questions regarding admissions, please call the center at 818-876-4140.

Wellness Eligibility

Eligibility for gym membership at our Saban Center for Health and Wellness includes access to our fitness floor, the pool in the aquatic pavilion, and associated classes. Eligibility maintains the eligibility requirements described in the Healthcare Eligibility section (top of this page), and this includes a three-year eligibility period. However, insurance coverage is not required.

Eligibility will be checked and confirmed after you contact the Saban Center for Health and Wellness. For contact information, visit our Saban Center page.

Aid & Services Eligibility

Eligibility for financial assistance programs is determined on a case-by-case evaluation, but generally requires a minimum of seven qualifying years of entertainment industry employment. We strive to help you meet eligibility requirements if at all possible.

Eligibility for a broad range of social services and home- and community-based programs varies; please call (323) 634-3888 for more information. Non-industry members are also encouraged to seek assistance on behalf of industry members, active and retired.

MPTF provides aid and services to thousands of industry members each year. Please call us at 323-634-3888 for evaluation of your eligibility or to discuss your individual needs. Studio-owned recording, radio broadcasting, and studio theme park industries are areas not eligible beyond Health Center and child care eligibility.

For detailed information about programs and services, click on our Programs and Services section.

Seniors Eligibility

If you are 65 or over, active or retired, and are vested or not vested in a retiree health plan, then you are eligible to receive care at MPTF Health Centers or through Age Well. We also care for parents and parents-in-law of entertainment industry members, as described above. Insurance coverage is required. We accept Medicare including Medicare Advantage HMO plans.

For Elder Connection, Home Safe Home, and Community Programs, industry affiliation (either as active or retired) is required or you must be seeking services on behalf of an individual who meets those requirements. Elder Connection Services may require additional eligibility screening, depending on individual need.  Studio-owned recording, radio broadcasting, and theme park industries are areas not eligible beyond Health Center eligibility.

Eligibility will be checked and confirmed after you contact us. For more information about programs specific to seniors, click on our Programs and Services section.

Residential Eligibility

In order to apply to live at the MPTF residential community on The Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills, you must be 70 years of age or older and have worked in the entertainment industry for 20 or more qualifying years during your career, with a percentage of those years worked in California. Specific types of entertainment industry work that serve to meet eligibility qualifications are described in the Healthcare Eligibility section (top of this page), listed at the top of this page. Spouses or life partners of qualifying industry members are welcome, but must have been married or in a same sex domestic partnership for at least 10 years. Non-industry affiliated parents of industry members are not eligible. If there is not an appropriate accommodation available or desired at the time of application, you will be placed on a waiting list and your priority will be determined based on your wait list date, as well as by the type of accommodation you require.  Studio-owned recording, radio broadcasting, and studio theme park industries are areas not eligible beyond Health Center eligibility.

Please contact us at 323-634-3866 to discuss your specific eligibility questions. For more information about MPTF’s residential community, click on our Thriving on Campus section.

Palliative Care Eligibility

Palliative care eligibility is the same as for the Health Center, though you do not need to be a current patient of one of the UCLA-EIMG Health Centers.  As long as you are eligible to be seen in one of the clinics, Palliative Care can see you, age limit of 13 and older.

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