Annual Donors

MPTF’s annual donors are following in the time honored tradition of taking care of our own. What started in 1921 when Mary Pickford set out a simple coin box in a Hollywood Boulevard storefront has grown into an organization with far reaching impact. MPTF depends on the annual support of our donors to provide vital programs and services to members of the entertainment industry.

Thank you to our annual donors for their support at any giving level.

Annual Donors Honor Roll

$499 – $250

Patric J. Abaravich
Ronald L. Alsobrook
Priscilla Anchondo
Hildy and Jim Antonio
Melinda Arnold
Mark Badagliacca
John and Julia Badham
Nancy Barba and Dylan Gottlieb
Mary Ellin Barrett
Lexi Barta
Howard and Marilyn Barton
Tina I. Bays
Susan and David Becht
Glenn E. Berkovitz
Jordan B. Berkus
Bonnie Bogin
Doug Boney
John L. Bordeaux
Vance Brawley
Jewel and Allan Bregman
Branch M. Brunson
Kathryn L. Bucher
Willie D. Burton
Donald Burton Estate
Yvonne Corbeil and Ira Byock
Rachel A. Cahill
Janice Carroll Estate
Robert Carson Estate
Martha L. Lambert and Michael Cavanaugh
Joseph M. Cehlar
Israel Cerezo
Bryan Clark
Christine and James Clark
Janet Elsie Clark Estate
Kenneth C. Clark
Ron and Tami Clements
Patricia and Frederick Cline
Nelson Coates
Geoffrey Colo
Kathy Connell and Daryl Anderson
Debra J. Conocenti
Michael Constantine
James F. Cornick
Susan and John Cucura
Kathie Dapello
Patrika and Rolf Darbo
Gail Block and Elias S. Davis
Steven A. Dayan
Dana and Robert De Cuir
Ann Green de Toth
Richard Dearmas
Stephen M. Denes
Karen and Bob Denne
Jan DeWitt
Anthony Di Mase
Joseph C. Dillon
John W. DiMaggio
Ann L. Doran Estate
Nora M. Doyle
Jesse R. Dutchover
Lorena P. Easter
Leslie Easterbrook and Daniel Wilcox
Gordon A. Ecker, Jr.
Sarah and Gary Eggleston
Pamela and Richard Ellington
Nancy and Robert Englund
Bill Esquer
Janet and Paul Falcone
Judy L. Farrell
Billy Finnegan
Mary Flynn
Dianna and Pat Foley
Jason R. Frasca
Ben Freedman Estate
Larry Frybarger
Steven M. Gagnon
Gina Gallego
Ellen M. Gameral
Constantine Ganakes
Ronald Garcia
Roger Garrett
Greer Fogelson Garson Estate
John Gavin Estate
Karen Gorodetzky and Joe Genier
Margaret Elliott-Germain and Perry M. Germain
Leeza K. Gibbons
Raynold and Karin Gideon
Bert Gleicher
Kevin and Neil Goetz
Eric W. Golden
Patricia Gonzalez
Jan M. Gregson
Marcia and Howard Grey
Liza and Roger Grillo
Carlos A. Gutierrez
James M. Halty
Kenya and Julian Hardaway
Joyce Kim Lee and Christopher Harwood
Michael Heinrich
Scott A. Henry
Victor Herbert Estate
Lisa E. Dubbe-Herbert and Darrel W. Herbert
Richard and Patricia Herd
John and Jackie Hester
Maia Heymann
Cheryl A. Hildreth
Merle Hinds Douglas
Elaine and Steven Hirohama
Abe Cohen Hoffing
Darrell L. Hope
Linda Hope
Paul and Christine Hughen
James and Maria Hunt
Pixote B. Hunt
David and Nancy Impastato
Frank C. Irving
Karyn Isaacs
Peter Jason
Mark A. Jeffares
Robert A. Jellen
Brian V. Johnson
Samuel J. Jones
Mika C. Kanda
Michael W. Katz, IATSE Local 728
Matthew Kavanaugh
Alverna J. Kelly
Michael Francis Kelly
Richard Kennedy
Mike Kichaven and Ilyanne Morden Kichaven
Betty and Robert Kightlinger
Dawn R. Knepley

Alan C. Krieger
Greg L. LaCava
Richard T. Ladomade
George Lakes
Paul M. Lane
Joseph and Joan Langer
Barbara and Don Lehman
Alexandria Levitt
Sophia and Dan Lin
Clark and Karen Linstone
Ralph Litt Estate
Chris G. Livanos
Samuel and Patrice Lock
Jon Lormer Estate
Katrina Love and Derek Rudack
Cecile Lovsky Estate
Angela K. Luckey
Stacy MacGregor Estate
Kathleen Donovan and Matt Malloy
David Mamet
Dee Manges
Cleo E. Mannell
Sarkis and Ani Manoukian
Marvin and Rita March
Marc and Carol Marino
Edward D. Markley
Stephen Martin
Linda A. Matthews
Peter A. Mavromates
Karen D. Mbanefo
John H. McCabe
Frank and Josephine McEldowney
Andrea Nelson Meigs and John Meigs
Delmy A. Menjivar
Robin Merchant
Josh D. Meyers
Sharron Miller
Robert Mirisch
Gary Moglovkin
John Angelo Moio
Agnes Moorehead Estate
Lea Stalmaster and Terrell Clark Morse
Leonard Moskowitz
Bryan H. Moss
Jesse D. Murray
Edward T. Murray, Jr.
Marcia Newberger
Samantha Nisenboim
Russell Nordstedt
Gary and Annette O’Keefe
Chrissy Abbott-Orloff
Colleen O’Dwyer Palermo and Anthony J. Palermo
Tatiana A. Palma and I. Charles Pell
Eleanor Parker Estate
Hope M. Parrish
Patricia and Mark Parsons
Anthony F. Pawluc
Betty Penston
Michael and Kristen Phillips
Jason T. Pimentel
Lea Pipes
Jeris Lee Poindexter
Eric Popish
Robert W. Powell, III
Chris and Lydia Prescott
Stephen M. Prough
Ellen and Curtis Randoll
David J. Rawley
Carl Samuel and Francesca Rehnborg
Robert E. Relyea Family
Kevin M. Richardson
N. Craig Ridenour
Dorothy Robinson Estate
Paula Roman and Ian Schuler
Mandy R. Schaffer and Jeff Roop
Morgan A. Rumpf
Mr. Arthur N. Ryan
Barbara A. Ryder
John Sagray
Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
Becky Sarazy
Randall L. Sayer
Frank J. Scannell Estate
Theodor C. Schelling
Cayla and Josh Schneider
Mary Seward
Jann and Tom Shaw
Brenda J. Shirk
Bea Silvern Estate
Leslie Simon
Claudia Smith
Kathleen and Gregory Smith
Saunders Spooner
Terry and Maria Statton
Bob Steele Estate
William D. Strickland
Lynn Struiksma
Wesley Studie
Mark Taylor
Jack G. Taylor, Jr.
Mark L. Taylor
Korelle Thrift
Rachel Tiep-Daniels
Vance Tocheny Estate
Lyle Trachtenberg
Ron Trost
Vance and Elaine Trussell
Sarah Tucker
Frank Uchalik, Sr.
Douglas and Linda Ulm
Cathy and Len Unger
Debby Vigna
Teresa Wayne
Andrea Weaver
David Weil Smolinsky
Marion and Michael Westmore
Deborah White
Don F. Wildman
Jeff Williams
Barbara A. Williams
Lisa Willinger and Herbert Schofield
William W. Wilson, III
Terry Stambler Wolfe and Lester Wolfe
Clark and Carolyn Woods
Cynthia and Frank Wuliger
Kirk Wyninegar
Dan Wynne
Neal and Katie Youn
Barbara J. Zipperman

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Lillian Michelson: Hollywood’s Librarian

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Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

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Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

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