Annual Donors

MPTF’s annual donors are following in the time honored tradition of taking care of our own. What started in 1921 when Mary Pickford set out a simple coin box in a Hollywood Boulevard storefront has grown into an organization with far reaching impact. MPTF depends on the annual support of our donors to provide vital programs and services to members of the entertainment industry.

Thank you to our annual donors for their support at any giving level.

Annual Donors Honor Roll

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Annual Fund
Annual Fund $100 - $249
Annual Fund $25 - $49
Annual Fund $250 - $499
Annual Fund $5 - $24
Annual Fund $50 - $99
Circle of Friends
COF Chairman's $10,000
COF Founders $25,000+
COF Friends $500 - $999
COF Leadership $5000
COF Presidents $2500
COF Residents $1k - $2499
Corporate & Foundation
$2,499 - $1,000
$24,999 - $10,000
$249,000 - $100,000
$4,999 - $2,500
$49,999 - $25,000
$499,999 - $250,000
$9,999 - $5,000
$99,999 - $50,000
Under $1,000

$250 – $499

Adam Fasullo
Aghi Koh and George J. Huang
Alan and Geri Albert
Albert Ruben
Alexia Melocchi
Alice M. Sato
Amy Guenther
Amy Powell
Andrea E. Weaver
Andrea Nelson Meigs and John Meigs
Andy and Fiona Nelson
Andy and Susie Adams
Angela Whiting
Ann Green de Toth
Ann Hong
Anthony F. Pawluc
Antonia Basilitto
Anubhav Bhatia
Araceli Cole
Arthur N. Ryan
Barbara A. Ryder
Barbara and Don Lehman
Barry and Leesa Harvey
Barry Chhabra
Barry Ziehl
Beau and Wendy Bridges
Betty and Robert Kightlinger
Betty Penston
Bill Esquer
Blair A. Rich
Bobbie and Cliff Bernay
Bradley and Robin Langston-Jones
Brenda J. Shirk
Brian and Aynsley Toombs
Brian V. Johnson
Bryan Clark
Bryan H. Moss
Carlos A. Gutierrez
Carmen Orsini
Carmen V. Fried
Carmen Williams
Cate Adams
Chance Quinn
Charles Haas
Charles Picerni, Sr.
Charles Saldana, III
Cheryl A. Hildreth
Cheryl and Ed Crane
Chiho and Nicolas Carr
Chip Vucelich
Chris and Lydia Prescott
Chris and Maria Schwiebert
Chris Daquino
Christine and James Clark
Christopher Morente
Christopher Yin
Clark and Carolyn Woods
Claudia and John Niss
Claudia Smith
Cleo E. Mannell
Colleen O’Dwyer Palermo and Anthony J. Palermo
Constance and Buddy VanHorn
Constantine Ganakes
Corey Barberie
Cynthia Carter
Dana and Robert De Cuir
Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
Darrell L. Hope
Dave and Michele DeGaetano
David Figueroa
David Sartory
Dawn Holliday
Dawn Y. Line
Deborah White
Debra J. Conocenti
Dee Manges
Delmy A. Menjivar
Diane Amos-Medellin and James S. Medellin
Dina Marovich
Dominic Trahan
Don F. Wildman
Don Halcombe
Dr. Howard and Marcia Grey
Dylan and Casondra Ruga
Edward T. Murray, Jr.
Elizabeth and Todd Robinson
Elizabeth Kirkscey
Ellen Keneshea and Mark Rosenbaum
Ellen M. Gameral
Eric Cord
Eric Popish
Eric Rangel
Eric W. Golden
Ernest and Patricia Taylor
Evelyn M. Truitt
Felice Contreras
Gail M. Hoard
Gary and Meredith Nelson
Gary Baxley
Gary Moglovkin
Gary S. Dimeo
Geraldine Leder
Gina Gallego
Glenn E. Balderas
Glenn E. Berkovitz
Gordon A. Ecker, Jr.
Gordon and Sheri Wolf
Harry and Holly Wiland
Henry V. Schaub, III
Hildred and Felton Perry
Hildy and Jim Antonio
Jack Green
James and Maria Hunt
James F. Cornick
James M. Halty
James Middleton
Jan M. Gregson
Jann and Tom Shaw
Jason Nelson
Jay H. Grodin
Jeff F. King
Jefferson Shaw Kibbee
Jennifer Lynch
Jerry Donald Knight
Jesse R. Dutchover
Joan Krimston and David Korduner
Joan Manners
John A. Hoffman
John and Jackie Hester
John and Julia Badham
John Angelo Moio
John H. McCabe
John L. Murray
John Saiger
Johnny Gilbert
Jose Aguirre
Joseph and Joan Langer
Joseph G. Dougherty
Joseph M. Cehlar
Joy Abbott
Joy Taylor and Antonio Soriano
Joyce Kim Lee and Christopher Harwood
Kae B. Pindell
Karen and Bob Denne
Karen D. Mbanefo
Karen Magid
Karen Potthoff
Katherine Shaw
Katherine Wall Pickering
Kathie Dapello
Kathleen and Gregory Smith
Kathleen Donovan and Matt Malloy
Kathryn and Richard Hart
Kathy Garmezy
Kathy L. Davis
Keith and Ann Mills
Ken Jenkins
Kenya Hardaway and Julian Green
Kevin and Neil Goetz
Kimberlin and Matthew Belloni
Kirk Wyninegar
Korelle Currie
Kris Klever-Weis
Kymn L. Goldstein
Lance E. Nichols
Larry A. Frybarger
Lea Pipes
Lena Malkon
Leslie Conway
Leslie Simon
Leungkui Fong
Linda Bernard
Linnea and Bruce Spellman
Lisa A. Collins
Lisa Goldfisher
Lisa Pierozzi
Lisa Willinger and Herbert Schofield
Liza Pano
Loan Dang and Michael Pelmont
Lorena P. Easter
Loretta J. Swit
Lorianne Tibbets
Lucinda Walker
Luis M. Cerros
Luisa Fernanda and Edward Hoxsie
Lyle Trachtenberg
Maggie Adams
Mandy R. Schaffer and Jeffrey Roop
Margaret J. Myers
Marianne Muellerleile
Mark and Amelie Proksch
Mark and Christina Christiansen
Mark and Janice Musella
Mark J. Gordon
Mark L. Taylor
Mark M. Tokunaga
Mark Sparks
Mark W. Hall
Marshall H. Harvey
Martha L. Lambert and Michael Cavanaugh
Martin Gonzalez and Sandra Brundage
Marvin and Rita March
Mary and Danny Haskell
Mary C. Kennedy and Larry Dilg
Matthew Nodella
Melvin H. Damski
Merle Hinds Douglas
Michael and Sandy Stevenson
Michael Francis and Phoebe Kelly
Michael McConnohie
Mika C. Kanda and Mark E. Fulenwider
Mike G. Runyard
Mike Phillips
Morgan A. Rumpf
Myrna and Howard Fabrick
N. Craig Ridenour
Nelson Coates
Nicholas Garey
Nora M. Doyle
Oscar and Guia Tabasondra
Pamela L. La Bonne
Pat and Dianna Foley
Patric J. Abaravich
Patricia and Frederick Cline
Patricia and Mark Parsons
Patricia Schiller
Patrick and Gloria Kennedy
Patrick G. McClung
Patrick Gorman
Patrika and Rolf Darbo
Paul and Christine Hughen
Paul C. Stambaugh
Paul Eli Vigil
Paul M. Lane
Paul M. Lynch
Paul Schrader
Paul W. Davis, Jr.
Peter A. Mavromates
Peter Etzweiler
Peter Jason
Priscilla Anchondo
Ralph E. Greene
Randall L. Sayer
Randy Johnson
Rebecca M. Graves
Reginald Panaligan
Rene and Erika Diamante
Renne and Bruce Bilson
Richard and Patricia Herd
Richard F. Chew
Richard Kennedy
Richard Redlich, Jr.
Richard T. Ladomade
Robert A. Del Valle, Jr.
Robert and Meytal Jellen
Robert C. Scruggs
Robert E. Relyea Family
Robert Q. Mathews
Robert S. Parigi
Roger and Margaret Rose
Roger Garrett
Ronald Garcia
Ronald L. Alsobrook
Ronit Vanderlinden and Sean M. O’Reilly
Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda and Lamar Sepulveda
Rudy and Stacey Behlmer
Russell Nordstedt
Ryan Craig
Sally Espinoza
Samantha Olsson Shear and Michael P. Shear
Sandra Stoller
Sarah Tucker
Scott M. Rosenfelt
Scott McPhail
Serge Genitempo
Sharron Miller
Shawn Covell
Sheryl Carlin
Stacey and Eric Jasper
Stacey Goldstein
Stephen Johns
Stephen Kroopnick
Stephen M. Denes
Stephen M. Ratliff and David A. Swope
Steve and Kathy Samuelson
Steve E. Martin
Steven A. Dayan
Steven Gage
Steven Siskind
Susan and Chang Chae
Susan and Cosie Costa
Susan and David Becht
Susan and John Cucura
Susan Bolles
Susan Grant
Susan Jane Perkins
Suzanne Cranfill and Robert A. Wald
Tamara Laster
Tara Piazza
Teresa Wayne
The Bill Martinez Family
Theodor C. Schelling
Timothy L. Matheson
Tina I. Bays
Tracy Owen
Uma Sartory
Vahan Moosekian
Vance and Elaine Trussell
Vanessa Joyce
Vicki M. Bolsega
Victoria A. Peterson Cowsill and John P. Cowsill
Victoria D. Rich
Vladislav Pisarik
Wayne Runyon
Wendy A. Burch
Wendy Schaal
William W. Wilson, III
Willie D. Burton
Yvonne Chaney-Ward
Zina Moore McGlockon

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