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Annual Fund
Annual Fund $100 - $249
Annual Fund $25 - $49
Annual Fund $250 - $499
Annual Fund $5 - $24
Annual Fund $50 - $99
Circle of Friends
COF Chairman's $10,000
COF Founders $25,000+
COF Friends $500 - $999
COF Leadership $5000
COF Presidents $2500
COF Residents $1k - $2499
Corporate & Foundation
$2,499 - $1,000
$24,999 - $10,000
$249,000 - $100,000
$4,999 - $2,500
$49,999 - $25,000
$499,999 - $250,000
$9,999 - $5,000
$99,999 - $50,000
Under $1,000

Chairman’s Friends: $10,000 – $24,999

Akiva and Joann Goldsman
Ann Daly and John M. Gustafson
Ariel Emanuel
Avi Lerner
Betsy Beers and Bruce Cormicle
Bonnie and Dick Cook
Bonnie Arnold
Brynne and Dan Fellman
Carole and Bob Daly
Chandra Wilson
Channing Dungey
Charles S. Cohen
Cindy Holland and Annie Imhoff
Claudia and Kevin Bright
Diedre and Lawrence Gordon
Donna Arkoff Roth
Edie and Joe Fischer
Fred Specktor and Nancy Heller
Gail Kamer Lieberfarb and Warren Lieberfarb
Genevieve and Ivan Reitman
Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart
Jessica and Adam Goodman
John Ptak and Margaret Black
Johnny Hon
Joseph D’Amore
Kelly and Ron Meyer
Kevin Tsujihara
Michael and Angelique De Luca
Michael Braun
Nina L. Shaw
Patrick and Simone Purcell
Rebecca J. Yeldham
Sandy Climan
Scott Stuber and Molly Sims
Seth Grahame-Smith
Shari and Robert Friedman
Sherry Lansing
Stacey Snider and Gary Jones
Susan and Mark Fleischer
Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen
The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation
The John and Jordan Davis Foundation
The Seth MacFarlane Foundation
Thomas and Travis Kranz
Thomas M. Hansen
Willow Bay and Robert A. Iger
Yvette Nicole Brown


*We acknowledge with gratitude donors who wish to remain anonymous.

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