MPTF volunteers work on campus, at events, and at off-site locations as needed lending a helping hand to members of our community.


As someone who works in the entertainment industry, you understand the creative energy and camaraderie developed among colleagues on a production, a show or a project. Becoming a volunteer at MPTF offers you that feeling and much more. Through a variety of opportunities, as an individual or as part of a group, you can provide entertainment, companionship, and assistance to fellow industry members, young and old, and become part of a community that’s passionate about coming together to give back. Current volunteers, log in to

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an MPTF Volunteer! Personal affiliation with or connection to the entertainment community is preferred. Once you fill out an application, you will be invited to an orientation.

Roundtable Discussion About MPTF

by Scott Kaiser, M.D., Fredda Johnson, Maureen Feldman and Linda Healy, NP

Volunteer Opportunities

MPTF relies on the industry and friends to help support our entertainment family. See how you can help.

Faces of MPTF

“Everyone here who’s been in the industry has an amazing story, and before you know it, they’re helping you as much as you’re helping them.”

Mark Lanza

Volunteer, Local 700

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